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With my journeys behind me i had business to attend to at "home". It is strange i never really had a home, till i landed here in Colonia over a year ago and now the little oasis i adopted has exploded into life. Everywhere there is hustle, bustle and people going about their business feverishly. However, the good will and can help attitude appears to wane more and more each day. I see new Cmdr's regularly now, but as a result of the activities of the few the majority are suspicious of new faces. Things have quietened down in a criminal respect, whats strange is how that has coincided with the Thargoid return. The upsurge in new Cmdrs in Colonia also coincided with this activity. Are they escaping? Are they looking for the same thing as me? I don't know but for some strange reason i feel that it is a good thing they are here.

It seems that diversity is the key to being part of a good faction, I share my time between trading, bounty hunting and the odd spot of exploration when i feel i need a break. Things recently have become a little complicated though. I am certainly glad i made the effort to expand my fleet of ships now, i find i need them all at some point or another. As interest grow in the region so does the price paid for peoples services, it is possible to earn millions of credits for relatively low risk work. The influx of new blood has of course had a positive effect on the faction too, our numbers have grown along with our profits. New Cmdrs have thrown themselves into the fray in a number of ways Quicksilver helps us with his local exploration, Cuttwood helps out how he can running missions and helping out in the combat zones. So the future looks bright for CCN.

I mentioned Combat Zones briefly, despite our efforts to avert such a thing we have ended up at war in Far Tauri with the Radio Sidewinder Galaxy faction. It is hard to say how this happened but best to say we sorted that out in double quick time. All hands to the pumps and our valiant members put paid to the enemy, the sight of lasers flashing across the vast expanse of space and the dakkka of multicannons does wonders for the adrenaline. My fellow factioneers proved themselves very worthy fighter pilots. dispatching with wave after wave of enemy. The skies were not crimson from the Colonia nebulae but from the wreckage of RSG ships. This was our first war and just goes to show that our time in the nav beacon was not wasted.

The war was over as quick as it started, we suffered some casualties and our standing in Centralis was possibly the worst it has been ever, but what can i say, we rallied the troops once more. They explored, transported, scanned, located and hunted like their very lives depended on it. I cannot fault the effort of our citizens. Myself i made 4 trips back to the nav beacon to fight off the pirates, Cmdrs Wishblend, Quicksilver, Ptarmigan Rock, Speeedy, Fru, Head_case and Cuttwood all did their bit. i think we must have eradicated half the galaxies criminal population. I salute you all for your efforts. HOTCOL themselves were very forthcoming and agreed to support us too by running our missions. This was the Colonia we envisaged helping each other and supporting a common cause. Alliances have proven to be very valuable things in our business recently and long may they last.

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