There And Back To See How Far It Is

The journey back to Colonia was a slow but steady route, The Beluga took some getting used to and i had to make good use of the stations along the way, Hillary's depot was a welcome sight for sure. I had almost forgotten what it was like to travel without the huge ranges I had become accustomed too. But the reciprocal of that is how much more you see. Even along the now, extremely well-trodden highway there were undiscovered wonders, it got my mind thinking about a new venture one day to try a little retro exploration. Travelling somewhere without the aid of engineering or chemical enhancement, but that’s a story for another time.

Right now, my single aim was to get to Colonia again where I know my friends were relying on my getting back to the "grind", great factions do not build themselves. It would seem that in my absence in Colonia things were certainly reacting in a strange manner. attempts to overthrow systems seemed rife. We, ourselves were struggling at points to keep level in the systems we resided in. What tomfoolery was occurring I had no idea but someone somewhere was up to something. Some organisation was actively attempting to upset the apple-cart. I had to get back to help out and settle things down.

The journey continued slowly, the itch to get back to Colonia was growing. I had resisted the urge to use the neutron highway due to the dangers involved and my lack of shields. but 10Kly out it became too much, I took the plunge deeper in the galactic plane and was soon amongst the fields of black holes and Neutrons. This was a dangerous part of the galaxy to the uninitiated, I had done this, many times before though. The galaxy flashed past like I was travelling through time not space (which in some ways is actually exactly what was happening). My thoughts focused on what lay ahead in Colonia, on what I would find on my return. Despite only being absent for a week or so things were changing rapidly there.

It was not long before the nebula of Colonia appeared in the distance. Like a welcome mat it was there greeting me as I approached. I had time to reflect on the great progress that had been made in the last year in the region. From that one stricken ship to the ever expanding, bustling and vibrant community it is now. Sadly, the upsurge in visitors and bubble dwellers had inevitably brought with it some of the lesser appealing aspects of the old civilisation. The kind of stuff that meant the need for people like me to oversee things. It also brought with it the scum and villainy, despite that we had made a great community which fostered inclusion, involvement and communication.

The last few hundred lightyears were gone in a flash and I sat amidst the hues of deep purple and ruby red. I took a moment to drink it all in, to see what we had created. I was proud of course I was at what we had achieved, but every day a bit of that wonder slipped away as people poured in from other regions of inhabited space. The emotions were mixed with the relief that I would hopefully not need to make that trip again. Hopefully my fleet would be sufficient to see me through the times ahead. But first I needed to get those last pieces of my puzzle to Colonia and that would require me spending some of that hard-earned wealth I had and of course inevitably it was going to take a little time. And time I had lots of now it would seem.

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