​What In The Galaxy Happened To Tom

Some of you may remember Tom, he was a very quiet guest and did nothing but sit in my hold for 65000Ly, but that’s another story. On more than one occasion I considered jettisoning him to his death to appease the gods in my bid to cross The Abyss. His presence was unsettling, as he cosied down in my cargo hold in his escape pod. At times it was all I could to stop myself wrenching him from his slumber. He was probably totally unaware of the burden he placed upon me and the moral dilemmas he caused. Even to this day I wonder if he even knows I existed, despite me rescuing him and carrying him back to civilisation for 4 months.

I dropped him off at the Search and Rescue depot in Jaques Station almost as soon as my ship hit the pad. I could not bear his presence in my ship one moment longer. The idea that an almost inanimate being could bother me so much was crazy. He just lay there unmoving, unblinking and catatonic. Even the canister of Tea I found nearby his crashed ship was more use than he was. At the time I wondered why I had even bothered to rescue him.

I am sure that he was welcomed home to his family back in the bubble but recently I have wondered more about my guest. What was he doing all the way out there with nothing but a canister of tea in his hold? What was his intention, his destination or even his purpose for being on that planet? Mysteries that I find myself yearning to be solved. Of course despite my standing in Colonia the Search and Rescue lot were of no use at all, apparently once the pod is handed over the incumbent is given total anonymity and I can have no further interaction.

This is just not good enough I have to know. Like a fire erupting in the pit of my stomach I have a burning desire to find out more. Even in his absence Tom still haunts me. Damn that man. With nothing more than a partial ship serial number and the data I downloaded from the escape pod I have to try and end this episode of my life. But for now I must work on a plan to find Tom.

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