Its Been a While

So yeah it has been a while, but that's not to say there is a lack of things to say. CCN have been very active pushing their boundaries and expanding across the region. Until recently that has been a very peaceful progression across the nebula. But, that will only get you so far. It was not long before we found ourselves at the very edges of our range. With nowhere to go and many petty squabbles slowing us down we made some fundamental changes to our plan.

looking for the bad guys

Previously we had intended to expand peacefully, but as stated we found this limiting. The first major hurdle was the Jaques Accord. Jaques Accord was a wonderful idea in the beginning of the region and had done a good job of maintaining a relatively peaceful co existence with our neighbours. Simply put it had become too limiting and was preventing us and others from extending our reach. All it took was a quick vote amongst the custodians and it was done, we were the first faction to leave the Accord and i think in some respects that many were relieved and agreed with us on the limiting effect it imposed.

With the Jaques Accord out of the way we were free to pick a target to take for future expansions. Now, this does not mean we had become mercenary in our approach, quite the opposite in fact we had no wish to take a factions home system but we were open to the idea that we could attempt a coup and take a system that had already seen it's founding faction deposed. Poe was exactly that and on the edge of our reach it offered a great opportunity to push our own boundaries further. The only problem being Likedeeler that currently owned the system. They would undoubtedly be unhappy and put up some sort of opposition. We needed to set the ground work to make it as easy as possible once the election started.

Bounty hunting to increase our influence in Poe

working Poe was relatively easy in the early stages with plenty of missions on offer. Surprisingly our influence rose unchecked almost as if Likedeeler were looking the other way. it was not long before they realised something was afoot and raised the issue in the diplomatic chambers of the CEI. No quarter was given, in fact we received an amount of support from factions that clearly were fed up with Likedeelers pushy behaviour in the past. They made an attempt to push us back but it was short lived. i think personally they lacked the numbers to do anything.

Within a day or so the Election was called, this changed the whole face of Poe. Missions were hard to come by and with our inability to take advantage of the trade and cartography markets we were at a clear disadvantage. CCN Cmdrs worked tirelessly accepting whatever missions came our way, they were not pleasant and at best repetitive. The pre-work we did paid dividends and gave us a cushion against Likedeeler. All efforts were turned to Poe and our influences slipped elsewhere, but we could not avert our gaze for one second. We have always prided ourselves on supporting the explorers out there and offering them help and a safe harbour, this trust and friendship was returned ten-fold with a number of Cmdrs delivering huge amounts of exploration data to phoenix harbour to shore up the home defences. Without this we would be facing a tougher time at home that is for sure.

Poe: our new home

With a day or so to go it seemed that Likedeeler had capitulated and were simply going through the motions, the hard work was done. We could not afford to take our foot off the gas though and a few of us maintained the effort in Poe while others turned their attentions to our other frontiers. The Election is all but won now and we await the change of hands from Likedeeler to CCN in Poe. Some would say they got a taste of their own medicine. Some would undoubtedly support our actions and realise it was for the good and benefit of the region. For us it is just about forging ahead and spreading our ethos. But it also sends the message to the rest of the region that the old CCN is dead, we are reinvented and we are not afraid. Be our allies or be our enemies the choice is theirs.

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