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Xmas Day 2018

After what seems an age I find myself with some time to post on here. It has been a very busy year in the world of Elite. We have seen several patches/updates from Frontier. The CCN Faction has grown and developed a life of its own (CCN Faction Website).

Soon I think it will be time to head back to the bubble to engage in unlocking engineers and configuring some more ships. The one aspect of Colonia is that you can make a lot of money but there is relatively little to spend it on :-)

Watch this space as they say :-)

Just a quick post to say ...

We have been very busy with faction related stuff (CCN Faction Website) but we will be resuming posting to this blog very soon. In the meantime here is a screenshot of my Python in one of FDev's latest paint jobs ..

Now you see me, now you don't

CCN Faction continues to expand

The faction has now expanded into Mobia .. you can get all the news at the CCN Faction website

Neon Sanctuary is ours!!!

The faction excelled themselves flying mission after mission in our bid to take Neon Sanctuary in Poe from Likedeeler. The effort was worth it because today we had confirmation that it was ours:

Neon Sanctuary has new owners

Interesting discovery

While on a return ferry trip from the bubble to Colonia I stumbled across this:

Twin Ringed Earth Like Worlds orbiting each other located at Clooku GR-U d3-112

This gem of two ringed earth like worlds orbiting each other can be found at Clooku GR-U d3-112. Apparently this is quite a rare find. Enjoy.

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