CMDR Albino Sanchez

The End Game

Colonia was a place that i enjoyed, it truly was like the Wild West. Gunslingers and bandits at every turn, the honest law abiding citizens scurrying round under cover in a bid to stay safe, but it was not long before i was ready to answer The Overlords call. Final prep was under way and performance checks carried out for such an arduous journey ahead. A few more weapons tests later and I was set, the unfortunate targets however, were not. As I lurched from the pad, I let the ship consume me, I felt the controls and seat surround me like a blanket, comforting and reassuring. I checked the Galaxy Map I took strength from the sight of my brothers racing toward our target. Envigored I punched the ship out into the black, towards Beagle Point. We were back in the game and the opposition had no clue.

Lightyear after lightyear strode by even when the neutrons ended, I felt an overwhelming urge to push on. As the galactic core disappeared behind me I welcomed the darkness, The Abyss was like the gentle waves of a warm sea as it lapped past me. This time crossing the vast expanse of sparseness was no issue, I remember fondly my times as an explorer, the very people I hunt now. Those days were gone, and I felt an odd twinge of remorse for them, but now my voyage of discovery was different.

The stars density increased slightly then I found myself blinking in the light, the last 4000ly seemed as if a dream but I was here. Staring wide eyed and unblinkingly at the star, I recognised its coppery glow. Amidst the pitch black I felt so very small and so very alone, I loved it. All I needed now was my quarry. I transcended to the planet where my brothers were waiting. All in all, I made the journey from Bubble to Beagle in just over 4 days. This journey took me 8 months in my former lifetime. We greeted and regaled each other with our stories in the months since we last sat together. It was simply amazing, I felt truly at home out here with my brethren. All we had to do now was wait, something we are good at that by the way.

We stood watch, we were extremely aware that opportunities would be few and that a single kill would make this a success. But what was about to happen was undreamed of, and in the next 24 hours we struck at the heart of Fleetcomm and drove terror into their ranks. Panic ensued and ships fell the final figure was unknown, my barrels smoked and I took account for 2 of the casualties. The adrenaline was unequalled, and I find me still quivering as I write this. My fellow assassins had their share, Beagle was christened in the name of The Overlord, not only that but one of our number had gone further than any of us could have hoped taking 3 Cmdrs. at the very edge of space. Semotus Beacon joined Beagle Point in the newly christened areas now anointed in The Overlords power.

Then it truly was over, assassins slipped away into the dark, some still stay and look for the enemy. The Overlords decree was complete, the dozen cmdrs that took their combat ships to the end of the Galaxy parted company, allegiances were made and unbreakable bonds forged. Thousands of explorers had perished. Their numbers dwindled from a flood to a trickle over the course of the expedition. Pallaeni's massacre was another lifetime it seems and what happened between then and now seemed to be an age, amongst the villains and unlawfuls the names of those that made the epic journey would be remembered, they made their mark in history and will remain infamous for a very long time. They of course will continue to spread The Overlords gospel far and wide. If you doubt then you should be wary, like those explorers that were destroyed, you may never know what hit you.

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