CMDR Albino Sanchez

Filling the Void

With the Op completed and the killing done I was at a loss; it all seemed a bit to sudden and final when it stopped. I hung at Sagittarius for a few days pondering my next move, almost to the point my desire to fight was gone. The brightness of the core was becoming tiresome and i needed to get away. It was time to decide what my next cause would be. As the explorers moved out to Beagle Point, I took stock of my situation and made the decision to return to civilisation for now. As I prepared to set off it happened.

It seems that unknown to me and the others we were not done with and SpaceForce, or elements of were still required. The Overlord’s plan was still in motion. When the call came it was uplifting and exciting, a new adventure. I mean we all crave adventure, just some are more deadly than others. It was simple, go dark and meet the Distant Worlds expedition in Beagle. Simple, sweet and oh so damn satisfying to think of the surprise on the faces of those explorers when the combat ships they thought were gone appeared beside them. We had time on our hands it would be weeks before they arrived at their destination. My plan was unchanged for now, I headed to Colonia and raised some hell in the ole wild west before heading to the bubble in a suicidewinder, leaving behind the Mighty Sanchez was tough, real tough, built to survive and complete quick kills the bubble was no place for her. I would return for her and move on to the final objective.

Being back in the bubble was not pleasant if anything time out in the dark gives you time to think and to make sense of things, being back in the stench of civilisation was not pleasant. It drove me to madness, now wanted by the authorities in several systems I quickly made sure my business was sorted. Make enough noise to ensure the explorers hear you are a long way away was the plan. I think I succeeded on that front. I quickly outfitted an asp for some hi speed travel to Colonia I needed the comfort of the mighty one.

It seemed like a blink of they eye and no longer was I sat in the bubble but nestled on the pad in Colonia, making haste to my ship I revelled in her enormousness. The Asp is a great traveller but lacks the real versatility of the Anaconda. After some hours testing my build in Colonia I was ready, I was more than ready I was so very willing. I had a bit of a penchant for uncivilised space. The loneliness and lack of distraction was hugely welcome and focussed me in ways I never expected. The trip from Colonia to Beagle was 40,000ly, nothing I had never done before. Zarek knew this when he invited me to complete his mission.

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