CMDR Albino Sanchez

​Core Business

My time in Colonia was like a breath of fresh air but now it was back to business, the main business that is. Space Force had a single task and that as you know was to spread the word of Zarek Null or stamp out any disbelievers. Of course, the stamping out was always my favourite part. The Distant Worlds Expedition had swung core-wards and were heading to Sagittarius A. Their aim was to build a scientific research station there. This did not sit well with the Overlord. Our fleet drifted out of Colonia as it drifted in, the Colonia citizens breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Already the Distant Worlds fleet was in a state of extreme decline. Less than a quarter of the Commanders that signed up had made it to the centre. We are proud that we helped in that statistic. Like moths to a flame the explorers were drawn to the new station, Explorers Anchorage situated 9 lightyears from Sagittarius. Quite simply put they were queueing up to die. I had been in the system less than 30 seconds before I was travelling the blue tunnel pulling some unfortunate from Supercruise and introducing him to my hardpoints. He had the choice to accept the Overlord but he wouldn’t. His fate was decided by his own actions.

Geared up for mining the expeditionaries were there mining to help build the new station. Maximising capacity over survivability as only explorers can do. If I thought their explorer ships were weak then I was simply amazed at how their mining builds performed. They are so predictable they made life easy for us. Being explorers, they couldn’t stay away anything interesting and many fell foul of Zareks forces ensconced in Sagittarius. I took a few kills there sending more than a couple back to the bubble to be re-educated. The Lawfuls tried their best, but were nothing more than a minor irritation. Their tactic was to disrupt more than anything else, they failed massively in their efforts.

As the explorer’s efforts to build the station came to a climax the unexpected call to desist was sounded, it was done. The itch to keep on destroying was strong however none would dare disobey the Overlord. Thousands had been killed, millions of lightyears had been travelled all in the name of Zarek Null. An emptiness welled within me. I was at a loss and only one thing would ever satiate that void, but for now the killing was done. Over 3000 ships destroyed and along with it the hopes and dreams of a generation of explorers. Zarek was content with the results and for now the Explorers should reconsider his offer for negotiations while they can.

Right now for me?? well i am just going to mosey along down the road and see what falls in my lap.You will see me again i am pretty sure of that.

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