CMDR Albino Sanchez

Death Under Amethyst Skies

Colonia, that little patch of space often seen as an oasis from the squalor of the populated bubble. It was inevitable that the weary travellers would seek somewhere to rest and repair. I sat in Colonia system for a few days watching the increasing traffic. It was hard to tell who was a local and who was transiting through. The answer of course was to kill them all. With that decided the purge began. I had noticed that my usual loadout was effective as long as I could keep the target contained, but my job was to get it over and done with in quick time. Change was needed. I had some presents on their way from the bubble for that very purpose.

My fellow Cmdrs, seeing the opportunity soon began to amass in the region. Between us we had the place locked down. No one was moving without one of us knowing. I shipped out some hardware to make life a little more “fun”, well fun for me anyway. There was little resistance but one or two fancied their chances. The locals were forced into hiding. Wars raged in nearby systems and I took the opportunity to keep my eye in and settle some old scores.

Kills came easy and the amethyst heavens definitely seem to have taken on a blood red tinge while we were there. The crew managed to get together for a short while at the Bone Yard in Canis Subridens. Space Force drifted away but I was still awaiting my new hardware arriving, as I waited, I spread the Overlords word. If they did not know who Zarek Null was before I am sure they do now. The local do-gooders rounded up a posse to chase off the outlaws. They failed magnificently. Their very best was nothing short of dismal to be honest.

Space Force assemble

After some days in the nebula I took delivery of a unique set of weapons that I had shipped from the bubble. Simply put Pacifiers are devastating, low heat, low power high damage. The ideal weapons for the task ahead. I was itching to test them out. Teamed with a set of rails they transformed my ship into an all-out killing machine. The Population of Colonia was markedly less at the end of that day. Ships just melted away under fire. The death toll grew longer. If it sounds so matter of fact that’s because that’s what it means to me now. My hands are so bloodied it does not seem to matter anymore. No remorse, no second thoughts just the overwhelming urge to destroy in the name of the Overlord.

Taking every opportunity to spread the word I took kills everywhere, my confidence grew, my senses sharpened, those chance kills that weeks ago I might not have looked at, they were becoming my adrenaline. I was becoming the killer I should always have been. My past was gone, I was and am Albino Sanchez and I kill for the Overlord.

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