CMDR Albino Sanchez

Kill after Kill

As the kill count climbed the explorers began to change their behaviours out went the celebratory mass jumps in favour of more demure and safe launches at their own pace. The doubters raised their heads claiming it was all a conspiracy and that the kill count was fabricated, I say to those people to go ask the people that are salting they will verify it first-hand. Zareks Will was being shared with the galaxy although not every one was happy to receive it. The assassins mocked the weak-willed explorers and performed their own celebratory launches in the form of mass jumps and Phantom stacks. Hell, we even used their refuelling crews to top our tanks up at the conflux.

The conflux was a melting pot of destruction, the “Lawfuls” without their precious station to hide behind found it hard going they struggled to make any impact on us, our numbers had thinned but we were sufficient in numbers to maintain constant pressure on the explorers. They continued to fall although their numbers were getting lower. Over 2000 of the 11000 cmdrs that claim to have set out had been destroyed, their rescue pods meaning that some were destroyed numerous times, and god knows how many were left stranded on the surface in their SRV’s returning from there ambling to discover a molten shattered wreck of their ship. Our fleet was fractured with enclaves spread across Omega Sector and the Conflux for a few days, but we gathered in numbers as they prepared to move onto Shephard Shallows and Waypoint 4.

I think many explorers were genuinely surprised that these city slickers in their combat fit ships were still able to keep pace, or even had the will power to keep up. All this proved our very point that survivability is key and their refusal to listen was affecting their numbers hugely. It is true to say it was tough going Geosite 16 provided little fruit in terms of numbers but the quality of kills was unparalleled. Each charred wreckage was a victory for the Space Force, no matter who took the kill it was a kill for all of us. Many of the assassins had taken the chance to head back and reoutfit for the long dark route ahead. But once again the distant world journey took an unexpected turn heading back to the safety of Polo Harbour despite claims that they would not see a station for several more weeks. The panic was rising.

Space Force was now acting on several fronts with expeditionary sortie’s into likely ambush sites and the rest split between Polo Harbour and the Shallows of Waypoint 4. Kills still come although unsurprisingly less than before. We are not surprised by this, but equally are undeterred. Many of the explorers have failed to make it this far, some underestimating what was required of them, some given up after losing everything and some just dismayed and disheartened at Fleetcomm’s inability to offer them reasonable safety. Ironically several members of the force have had the accolade of Elite Explorer bestowed upon them by the Pilots Federation. Something I am sure will not sit well with some.

Right now, I personally have taken a detour as I sit in Colonia, there has been news of Cmdrs arriving there to escape the monotony of the grind and possibly the bloodshed. Well I have news for you, it does not stop here. We are watching, we are waiting and we will find you.

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