CMDR Albino Sanchez

The End Game

Colonia was a place that i enjoyed, it truly was like the Wild West. Gunslingers and bandits at every turn, the honest law abiding citizens scurrying round under cover in a bid to stay safe, but it was not long before i was ready to answer The Overlords call. Final prep was under way and performance checks carried out for such an arduous journey ahead. A few more weapons tests later and I was set, the unfortunate targets however, were not. As I lurched from the pad, I let the ship consume me, I felt the controls and seat surround me like a blanket, comforting and reassuring. I checked the Galaxy Map I took strength from the sight of my brothers racing toward our target. Envigored I punched the ship out into the black, towards Beagle Point. We were back in the game and the opposition had no clue.

Lightyear after lightyear strode by even when the neutrons ended, I felt an overwhelming urge to push on. As the galactic core disappeared behind me I welcomed the darkness, The Abyss was like the gentle waves of a warm sea as it lapped past me. This time crossing the vast expanse of sparseness was no issue, I remember fondly my times as an explorer, the very people I hunt now. Those days were gone, and I felt an odd twinge of remorse for them, but now my voyage of discovery was different.

The stars density increased slightly then I found myself blinking in the light, the last 4000ly seemed as if a dream but I was here. Staring wide eyed and unblinkingly at the star, I recognised its coppery glow. Amidst the pitch black I felt so very small and so very alone, I loved it. All I needed now was my quarry. I transcended to the planet where my brothers were waiting. All in all, I made the journey from Bubble to Beagle in just over 4 days. This journey took me 8 months in my former lifetime. We greeted and regaled each other with our stories in the months since we last sat together. It was simply amazing, I felt truly at home out here with my brethren. All we had to do now was wait, something we are good at that by the way.

We stood watch, we were extremely aware that opportunities would be few and that a single kill would make this a success. But what was about to happen was undreamed of, and in the next 24 hours we struck at the heart of Fleetcomm and drove terror into their ranks. Panic ensued and ships fell the final figure was unknown, my barrels smoked and I took account for 2 of the casualties. The adrenaline was unequalled, and I find me still quivering as I write this. My fellow assassins had their share, Beagle was christened in the name of The Overlord, not only that but one of our number had gone further than any of us could have hoped taking 3 Cmdrs. at the very edge of space. Semotus Beacon joined Beagle Point in the newly christened areas now anointed in The Overlords power.

Then it truly was over, assassins slipped away into the dark, some still stay and look for the enemy. The Overlords decree was complete, the dozen cmdrs that took their combat ships to the end of the Galaxy parted company, allegiances were made and unbreakable bonds forged. Thousands of explorers had perished. Their numbers dwindled from a flood to a trickle over the course of the expedition. Pallaeni's massacre was another lifetime it seems and what happened between then and now seemed to be an age, amongst the villains and unlawfuls the names of those that made the epic journey would be remembered, they made their mark in history and will remain infamous for a very long time. They of course will continue to spread The Overlords gospel far and wide. If you doubt then you should be wary, like those explorers that were destroyed, you may never know what hit you.

Filling the Void

With the Op completed and the killing done I was at a loss; it all seemed a bit to sudden and final when it stopped. I hung at Sagittarius for a few days pondering my next move, almost to the point my desire to fight was gone. The brightness of the core was becoming tiresome and i needed to get away. It was time to decide what my next cause would be. As the explorers moved out to Beagle Point, I took stock of my situation and made the decision to return to civilisation for now. As I prepared to set off it happened.

It seems that unknown to me and the others we were not done with and SpaceForce, or elements of were still required. The Overlord’s plan was still in motion. When the call came it was uplifting and exciting, a new adventure. I mean we all crave adventure, just some are more deadly than others. It was simple, go dark and meet the Distant Worlds expedition in Beagle. Simple, sweet and oh so damn satisfying to think of the surprise on the faces of those explorers when the combat ships they thought were gone appeared beside them. We had time on our hands it would be weeks before they arrived at their destination. My plan was unchanged for now, I headed to Colonia and raised some hell in the ole wild west before heading to the bubble in a suicidewinder, leaving behind the Mighty Sanchez was tough, real tough, built to survive and complete quick kills the bubble was no place for her. I would return for her and move on to the final objective.

Being back in the bubble was not pleasant if anything time out in the dark gives you time to think and to make sense of things, being back in the stench of civilisation was not pleasant. It drove me to madness, now wanted by the authorities in several systems I quickly made sure my business was sorted. Make enough noise to ensure the explorers hear you are a long way away was the plan. I think I succeeded on that front. I quickly outfitted an asp for some hi speed travel to Colonia I needed the comfort of the mighty one.

It seemed like a blink of they eye and no longer was I sat in the bubble but nestled on the pad in Colonia, making haste to my ship I revelled in her enormousness. The Asp is a great traveller but lacks the real versatility of the Anaconda. After some hours testing my build in Colonia I was ready, I was more than ready I was so very willing. I had a bit of a penchant for uncivilised space. The loneliness and lack of distraction was hugely welcome and focussed me in ways I never expected. The trip from Colonia to Beagle was 40,000ly, nothing I had never done before. Zarek knew this when he invited me to complete his mission.

​Core Business

My time in Colonia was like a breath of fresh air but now it was back to business, the main business that is. Space Force had a single task and that as you know was to spread the word of Zarek Null or stamp out any disbelievers. Of course, the stamping out was always my favourite part. The Distant Worlds Expedition had swung core-wards and were heading to Sagittarius A. Their aim was to build a scientific research station there. This did not sit well with the Overlord. Our fleet drifted out of Colonia as it drifted in, the Colonia citizens breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Already the Distant Worlds fleet was in a state of extreme decline. Less than a quarter of the Commanders that signed up had made it to the centre. We are proud that we helped in that statistic. Like moths to a flame the explorers were drawn to the new station, Explorers Anchorage situated 9 lightyears from Sagittarius. Quite simply put they were queueing up to die. I had been in the system less than 30 seconds before I was travelling the blue tunnel pulling some unfortunate from Supercruise and introducing him to my hardpoints. He had the choice to accept the Overlord but he wouldn’t. His fate was decided by his own actions.

Geared up for mining the expeditionaries were there mining to help build the new station. Maximising capacity over survivability as only explorers can do. If I thought their explorer ships were weak then I was simply amazed at how their mining builds performed. They are so predictable they made life easy for us. Being explorers, they couldn’t stay away anything interesting and many fell foul of Zareks forces ensconced in Sagittarius. I took a few kills there sending more than a couple back to the bubble to be re-educated. The Lawfuls tried their best, but were nothing more than a minor irritation. Their tactic was to disrupt more than anything else, they failed massively in their efforts.

As the explorer’s efforts to build the station came to a climax the unexpected call to desist was sounded, it was done. The itch to keep on destroying was strong however none would dare disobey the Overlord. Thousands had been killed, millions of lightyears had been travelled all in the name of Zarek Null. An emptiness welled within me. I was at a loss and only one thing would ever satiate that void, but for now the killing was done. Over 3000 ships destroyed and along with it the hopes and dreams of a generation of explorers. Zarek was content with the results and for now the Explorers should reconsider his offer for negotiations while they can.

Right now for me?? well i am just going to mosey along down the road and see what falls in my lap.You will see me again i am pretty sure of that.

Death Under Amethyst Skies

Colonia, that little patch of space often seen as an oasis from the squalor of the populated bubble. It was inevitable that the weary travellers would seek somewhere to rest and repair. I sat in Colonia system for a few days watching the increasing traffic. It was hard to tell who was a local and who was transiting through. The answer of course was to kill them all. With that decided the purge began. I had noticed that my usual loadout was effective as long as I could keep the target contained, but my job was to get it over and done with in quick time. Change was needed. I had some presents on their way from the bubble for that very purpose.

My fellow Cmdrs, seeing the opportunity soon began to amass in the region. Between us we had the place locked down. No one was moving without one of us knowing. I shipped out some hardware to make life a little more “fun”, well fun for me anyway. There was little resistance but one or two fancied their chances. The locals were forced into hiding. Wars raged in nearby systems and I took the opportunity to keep my eye in and settle some old scores.

Kills came easy and the amethyst heavens definitely seem to have taken on a blood red tinge while we were there. The crew managed to get together for a short while at the Bone Yard in Canis Subridens. Space Force drifted away but I was still awaiting my new hardware arriving, as I waited, I spread the Overlords word. If they did not know who Zarek Null was before I am sure they do now. The local do-gooders rounded up a posse to chase off the outlaws. They failed magnificently. Their very best was nothing short of dismal to be honest.

Space Force assemble

After some days in the nebula I took delivery of a unique set of weapons that I had shipped from the bubble. Simply put Pacifiers are devastating, low heat, low power high damage. The ideal weapons for the task ahead. I was itching to test them out. Teamed with a set of rails they transformed my ship into an all-out killing machine. The Population of Colonia was markedly less at the end of that day. Ships just melted away under fire. The death toll grew longer. If it sounds so matter of fact that’s because that’s what it means to me now. My hands are so bloodied it does not seem to matter anymore. No remorse, no second thoughts just the overwhelming urge to destroy in the name of the Overlord.

Taking every opportunity to spread the word I took kills everywhere, my confidence grew, my senses sharpened, those chance kills that weeks ago I might not have looked at, they were becoming my adrenaline. I was becoming the killer I should always have been. My past was gone, I was and am Albino Sanchez and I kill for the Overlord.

Kill after Kill

As the kill count climbed the explorers began to change their behaviours out went the celebratory mass jumps in favour of more demure and safe launches at their own pace. The doubters raised their heads claiming it was all a conspiracy and that the kill count was fabricated, I say to those people to go ask the people that are salting they will verify it first-hand. Zareks Will was being shared with the galaxy although not every one was happy to receive it. The assassins mocked the weak-willed explorers and performed their own celebratory launches in the form of mass jumps and Phantom stacks. Hell, we even used their refuelling crews to top our tanks up at the conflux.

The conflux was a melting pot of destruction, the “Lawfuls” without their precious station to hide behind found it hard going they struggled to make any impact on us, our numbers had thinned but we were sufficient in numbers to maintain constant pressure on the explorers. They continued to fall although their numbers were getting lower. Over 2000 of the 11000 cmdrs that claim to have set out had been destroyed, their rescue pods meaning that some were destroyed numerous times, and god knows how many were left stranded on the surface in their SRV’s returning from there ambling to discover a molten shattered wreck of their ship. Our fleet was fractured with enclaves spread across Omega Sector and the Conflux for a few days, but we gathered in numbers as they prepared to move onto Shephard Shallows and Waypoint 4.

I think many explorers were genuinely surprised that these city slickers in their combat fit ships were still able to keep pace, or even had the will power to keep up. All this proved our very point that survivability is key and their refusal to listen was affecting their numbers hugely. It is true to say it was tough going Geosite 16 provided little fruit in terms of numbers but the quality of kills was unparalleled. Each charred wreckage was a victory for the Space Force, no matter who took the kill it was a kill for all of us. Many of the assassins had taken the chance to head back and reoutfit for the long dark route ahead. But once again the distant world journey took an unexpected turn heading back to the safety of Polo Harbour despite claims that they would not see a station for several more weeks. The panic was rising.

Space Force was now acting on several fronts with expeditionary sortie’s into likely ambush sites and the rest split between Polo Harbour and the Shallows of Waypoint 4. Kills still come although unsurprisingly less than before. We are not surprised by this, but equally are undeterred. Many of the explorers have failed to make it this far, some underestimating what was required of them, some given up after losing everything and some just dismayed and disheartened at Fleetcomm’s inability to offer them reasonable safety. Ironically several members of the force have had the accolade of Elite Explorer bestowed upon them by the Pilots Federation. Something I am sure will not sit well with some.

Right now, I personally have taken a detour as I sit in Colonia, there has been news of Cmdrs arriving there to escape the monotony of the grind and possibly the bloodshed. Well I have news for you, it does not stop here. We are watching, we are waiting and we will find you.

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