Landing at the Rose

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Landing at the Rose

After a seven-month expedition the expedition has made it back to the Colonia region and landed on one of the new megaships in the area, The Damask Rose in the Centralis system.

Loads of Cmdr’s managed to capture stunning shots on their journey and have tales to tell at the bar, the universal cartography departments of the region were especially grateful with all the navigation data provided by the expedition and paid out large sums of credits.

Here are the latest images.

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Heading home

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With seven waypoints remaining of the expedition, the members are looking forward to heading home and are still creating loads of stunning shots.

Here are the latest images.

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Distant view in Blue

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After the excellent meet up at Beagle point the fleet split with some going down route 33 and the others taking the long way around.

On the 16th June we all meet back up at the nest and continue our journey home to Colonia with some already making that journey ahead of the expedition and in a weeks’ time on the 19th June, we would have been travelling for 150 days.

Here are the latest images.

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DECE and BPE expedition meet up at Beagle Point and Party

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Well we made it, the past weekend was a milestone as two big expeditions met up Beagle Point at for the first time at, it took coordination between the Dead End’s Circumnavigation Expedition and the Beagle Point Expedition.

We had fun with the DECE doing a flyover of the BPE and we will party all week with SRV races and additional activities before finalising with a massive two expedition mass jump out of Beagle Point before continuing on our separate ways with some cmdrs from each expedition swopping expeditions to continue their journey of discovery.

Cmdr Keef Drow is currently engaging in a Sol record attempt to travel the furthest distance out from the Sol system and you can follow his attempt here.

For footage of the meetup of the two expeditions and the flyover, please check the footage below.

BPE footage Flyover at 1:53:57

DECE footage Flyover at 58:58

Here are the latest images. Album 13

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Beagle Point is in sight

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Well the half way point is in sight as most of us have made it across the abyss and we have set our sights on Beagle point and some Diamond Geysers that some of the earlier expedition members found.

We have all come a long way to get to this point and on may the 5th we will reach the goal of reaching Beagle Point but we will be celebrating this milestone with The Dead End's Circumnavigation Expedition joining us at Beagle Point.

Will that be the end, of know that is only the half way point and there are still loads of stunning images and fun to have on the run back to Colonia and Phoenix Harbour.

Here are the latest images. Album 12

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