Journeys End

Within a few hours i was joined by my long time companion Cmdr Head_case, we marvelled at the natural spectacle of the huge black hole. Mesmerised momentarily i was broken from my trance by the buzz of tourist ships it seems the whole galaxy is here to view what was once the preserve of true explorers. In my many trips here i have never felt so saddened that this truly special place had somehow lost some of that now. In no time at all we were ready for the off. It was an immense relief to hit Super cruise again and leave behind the traffic of the beacon. 11000 Ly to go and the sight of the Colonia nebula would once more welcome us home. It is strange that we should call the little oasis of Colonia home, but that really is what it has become. Although almost daily a little of that innocence slips away and is replaced by the familiar trappings of the bubble, but still that is where i lay my hat as they say.

We still had that 11000Ly to go and in true explorer fashion the light years streaked past, on an all too familiar path now. The route was as fruitful as the previous legs with nothing new or wondrous to see or discover. In terms of discovery the trip had been a complete waste of time but in terms of just kicking back and chilling it was what i needed after months of grinding work for the faction. That work would still be there when i returned but i had other things on my mind. Recent CG's had improved things somewhat in Colonia but there was much that could be improved further. This lack of infrastructure was truly frustrating. This drove me to the decision of returning to the bubble in the near future for another round of engineering and ship building. Still, i had the last leg to complete and then some recuperation to look forward to.

The sight of the purple haze in the distance was like a welcome mat put out just for me and indicated i had just a few jumps left, i felt my body relaxing and felt relieved to see it once more. The expedition had not been arduous but it was certainly mentally draining, never had i experienced such lean pickings, the few highlights failed to compensate for the sheer mind numbing effects of the barren lands we had travelled. I fear my wander lust has finally been satisfied and that i need new challenges for the future, what they are i must try and seek out i suppose. As the amethyst sky enveloped me it comforted me like a blanket round a new born baby. It had a soothing effect and calmed the soul and mind. I kind of know that this is my home but it is only when you are hear surrounded by the familiar heavens that it truly sinks in.

Loki's Lament lurched onto the pad and descended below, the paintwork scuffed and worn from the journey. She had earned her rest and i had earned my rewards. Despite the poor showing exploration is still a very profitable business 130 million credits is a welcome amount for anyone to be honest. Centralis and in particular Phoenix Harbour had become my home over the last year and you can tell it is so by the warm feeling you get when it comes into sight over the horizon, For now i am just glad to be back and pleased to see my good friend Cmdr Head_case was already here. Nothing for it now but to head to the mess and spend some of those creds and mull over what lies ahead for me in an uncertain time.

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