There And Back Again

The trouble with Space is that you never know what you are going to come across, inversely you never know what you are not going to come across too. To say that this journey has been largely uneventful is an understatement. Of course the usual bucketful for credits greases the wheel somewhat but that does not lessen the feeling that the journey is wasted time. Sure there are the odd highlight but the time could have been invested much more wisely elsewhere. The final few waypoints revealed nothing except the odd water world and a pile of dead rocks, and to be honest the final way point could not come soon enough.

I guess the lack of discoveries did afford us some decent travel time with little distractions. In no time at all we found ourselves at our destination. Yes we were there but there but we only had one thing on our minds and that was to make the journey home as soon as possible. I do not doubt on a different day in a different ship i would have made some amazing discoveries but that is the luck of exploration. One step to the left and you miss that opening and are down a different path altogether.

After a brief meet up at way point 10 we were on our way, the space miles have been kind to me and i have learned to move fast, Learned what to look at and what to ignore. in no time at all i was thousands of light-years into the journey to Colonia. My longtime colleague was behind me in his much more steadfast style. What had taken weeks to reach was left behind in a matter of days. The barren expanse i once had hoped would be so fruitful banished to my memories. The return would take us via our old friend Sagittarius A*, the centre of our galaxy deserves the respect we show it. Stopping by one more time would be like reaffirming old friendships. i plotted a route direct for the core and headed out. the light-years streaked by and the brightness got closer, as if in a trance and suddenly awakened there it was in front of me less that 400Ly away, the cube appeared, some sort of optical illusion causing the stars to appear as a cube. It was almost as if there were too many stars for my eyes to perceive.

with only a few jumps left it was time to meet up with an old friend. The Supermassive Blackhole is an awesome spectacle, one that i never tire of seeing. The major difference nowadays is that there is a lot of tourist travel there. That tourism of course brings with it some nefarious types and i have witnessed more than a couple pirate ships in the area. It is here i sit at the beacon observing the passers by as i await the arrival of another old friend Cmdr Head_case.

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