The Hiatus is Over

You may have noticed it has been some time since i posted here, Things can change very rapidly in the Galaxy, and none more so in Colonia politics. Since i last made an entry many things have happened that has caused the expedition to be delayed. In short the faction was born and myself and Head_case felt we had to head back to Centralis to nurture the ever expanding family we have back there. Things gave gone from strength to strength and now we find ourselves in a great position, strong enough that the Herbig hunt can be reconvened.

After several months away it was time to prepare for the journey back to Way-point 4 and beyond. The Asp Loki's Lament has been little used in that time and was sat in Shinrarta Dezra in the bubble. I had to travel back and pick her up once more and to be honest it was like putting on an old pair of slippers. Never had i felt such symbiosis, that feeling of co existing as i did with this ship, the many hundreds of thousands of Light-years not only moulds a ship to your body but also into your mind. Psychologically it just felt right and in what seemed like an hour or two i found myself back in Centralis awaiting the off.

Way-point 4 was the last place we reached in our previous attempt, so with haste we strode off there to restart the expedition. Moving fast and stopping for very little has become the norm for me after the number of trips i have made to the bubble and back lately. I say i stopped for little but i did chance upon a true marvel some 1480Ly from Centralis. This system has a unique set of circumstance that i have only happened upon once before and even then i had to make a huge detour to visit it. Super Hot Gas Giants occur when a Gas Giant orbits a star at an exceedingly small distance. Eoch Pruae OS-U f2-4764 has a Gas Giant that orbits it's parent at about 2ls. this super heats the atmosphere of the Gas Giant making it super hot and super bright.

Super Hot

Moving on was the usual mix of Tauris with insane trails of gas giants and rocks adorning them like a necklace. Aside from these quirky systems there was little to talk of other than the odd huge Ammonia world and some water worlds. I did see the odd planetary nebula and took the time to check one out, they never cease to amaze me these tiny nebula the colours and textures in the space surrounding the planets are like a huge kaleidoscope, patterns and colours constantly changing. As a rule they tend to hide some dangerous body in there midst such as a black hole or neutron star so beware those that enter without care.

it seemed in no time at all we were both at way-point 4 ready for the off. Just like old times there was no set agenda no timetable and no one to interfere in what lay ahead. Time to enjoy the freedom and expanse of space. The calls of the black grow stronger the further into it you travel, it entices you in and envelopes you in it's inkiness, surrounding you like a warm blanket on a cold evening. It is somewhat comforting but also somewhat terrifying that we are such a minuscule speck on the canvas of the galaxy, so small that it feels we may even slip through the fabric of the canvas into the unknown below.

Time to bask in the glory of the galaxy was over and we needed to move on. the ultimate destination has drawn the attention of others too that small patch of virgin space is the destination for the Minerva Centaurus Expedition. We will be there well before them however. I currently sit 1500Ly short of Waypoint 6, staring into a huge O class star. Super bright and super huge these stars are simply awe inspiring. i will be moving on soon and this giant will be left behind. There will be many more i am sure but for now i treasure each trophy i see along the way.

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