Back at home at last ...

The journey back revealed little of interest to scan. 6 or so Earth Like Worlds, a handful of Water Worlds and Ammonia Planets along with the usual Terraformables.

High Metal Content planet with my Asp X in front

After 233 jumps a welcome sight appear on my HUD:

Honey I am home :-)

One more jump and I was home. I had a strange sensor system malfunction as I approached Phoenix Harbour and was, initially, unable to land but eventually system was sorted and I touched down. Once in the hangar I had a look at my ship:That paintwork looks a bit ropey :-)

Time to cash in 64500Ly of exploration data. As ever the station computers were on a go slow and it took a while but in the end I made 253,985,406Cr on the trip which officially makes me a billionaire :-)

Billionaire .. what do with all the money ...

As always a huge thank you is well deserved by CMDR Space Cow Boy (aka CMDR Hagz) for planning this trip and let me come along. As always it was fun (even if we did the first part of the trip twice!). I think we have both had enough of exploration for a while, there is plenty in Centralis to do for our faction.

Onwards to Sagittarius A*

After our meeting at waypoint 10 we decided to head back to Centralis (and Phoenix Harbour) via Sagittarius A*. As you all know, this is a super massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy. We have both been there numerous times but its always nice to revisit. CMDR Space Cow Boy got there first and waited for me to catch up. Naturally we took some screenshots:

Sag A* in sight

When CMDR Space Cow Boy (left) met CMDR Head_Case at Sag A (again!)

The supermassive black hole that is Sag A* with our ships in front

The place isn't what it used to be. Before you were lucky to find another CMDR there. Today there are passenger cruises, pirates and who knows what :-(

Passenger cruise ship flying by Sag A*

Here you can see an Orca/Beluga zipping by the black hole, presumably with its passengers looking out of the windows. I think the place was better in the old days.

Then it was time to head back home using independently plotted routes. Next stop Centralis and Phoenix Harbour.

Here we are at Waypoint 10 ...

The last leg of the journey was through on one of the most barren areas of space I have seen for a long time. There was little to see and even less to scan. The odd Water World and Ammonia World and plenty of "rocks" ... so good progress was made and we arrived at our destination much earlier than we had anticipated. To celebrate our arrival we decided to take some screenshots on the surface of one of the planets in the system

CMDR Head_Case in his SRV on planet A1 at Waypoint 10

So here I am waiting for CMDR Space Cow Boy to arrive. As you can see the paintwork on my Asp Explorer is not looking at its best but, in strange way, I like this look. It is evidence of the 31500Ly the ship has travelled.

CMDR Space Cow Boy (on the left) has arrived

CMDR Space Cow Boy has landed (his Asp Explorer is the one with better looking paintwork on the left). Time to get the SRV's out an explore a bit.

Time to go exploring in our SRV's

The icy planet was rich in a variety of metals which we harvested

After spending a while on the surface looking for and collecting materials we returned to our ships to plan our return trip to Colonia. We have plotted a route toward Sagittarius A*, the super massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy. We have both been there many times before but it's always nice to revisit old haunts. From there we will head back to Colonia. Total round trip distance will be around 70,000Ly. Time to leave this icy planet ..

Hovering over and illuminating CMDR Space Cow Boy's ship waiting for him to start engines

One last wave out of the cockpit before we set off towards Sagittarius A*

Here you can see where Waypoint 10 is in relation to Sagittarius A* and Colonia

Our current position in the Galaxy

Waypoint 8 to Waypoint 9 non-stop express ...

CMDR Space Cow Boy, despite the demise of his HOTAS, caught up with me at Waypoint 8 and we immediately departed for Waypoint 9 (some 2900Ly away). Very soon it became apparent that there was very little to be seen or scanned. Jump after jump with just rocks to scan. I only found three things really worth scanning, a ringed water world

Ringed Water World

and then a 69.15EM Ammonia World

Ammonia World of 69.15 Earth Masses (quite a large one!)

and a short while later a much smaller Ammonia World (3.91EM). The rest of the scans were some terraformables and gas giants. Arrived at Waypoint 9 (A Herbig Ae/Be system) which looks like this

Waypoint 9 Herbig Ae/Be system

We are planning to leave for our final waypoint on this outward leg tomorrow. Waypoint 10 is over 5000Ly (110+ jumps) away and, hopefully, will yield more interesting items to be scanned and catalogued.

Welcome to Waypoint 8 ....

I have reached Waypoint 8. I have to say this leg of the journey was only remarkable because how little there was to look at or scan. Hopefully the leg to Waypoint 9 will be better. In the meantime here is a screenshot of the Herbig Ae/Be system which can be found at Waypoint 8:

Herbig Ae/Be system

I am now parked up and waiting for CMDR Space Cow Boy (aka CMDR Hagz) to catch up. He has had HOTAS trouble, another Saitek/Logitech X56 system breaking. While he sorts out his control issues I am going to do some work on my alternative account (CMDR Psycho_Penguin).

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